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I am a historian of twentieth-century Europe, with a particular focus on the period of the two world wars, broadly defined. I hold an MA from Berlin’s Humboldt Universität and a DPhil from Oxford University where I also spent three years as a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow and a further two years as a Lecturer at the History Faculty and at Balliol College. I am currently Professor of Modern History at University College Dublin and Founding Director of the Centre for War Studies. I am also Principal Investigator of the ERC Advanced Grant project CivilWars.

Latest Publication

Journal of Modern European History

Special Issue: Civil Wars in 20th-Century Europe: Comparative Perspectives
This special issue of the Journal of Modern European History sets out to explore the usefulness of the concept of civil wars and to explore how we can explain the proliferation of civil wars in this period. Was it a coincidence that Europe became the epicentre of civil war violence in those decades while civil wars remained the exception outside Europe (with Mexico and China as the most significant cases)?

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Current Research Project

The Age of Civil Wars in Europe, c. 1914-1949

This project, funded by an ERC Advanced Grant (2022-2027) under grant agreement 101054647, challenges exceptionalist approaches to civil war. While it recognises that significant differences in causes, forms, and/or aftermaths existed between individual civil wars, it argues that those civil wars can only be fully understood as a phenomenon within a pan-European context. 

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